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SweetDEV RIA™ showcase presents all the SweetDEV RIA™ components features.
You can use it to discover our Ajax library or as a help as soon as you are starting to develop your SweetDEV RIA™ application.
To start browsing it, navigate through the Tree component, on the left side, and select the component, then the feature you want to have an overview of.
By clicking on the Source tab, you can display the specific source code of the original JSP page producing the resulting feature.

Help Use the TagLibDoc to find more documentation about tags and attributes.
You can also get more documentation on SweetDEV RIA™ website.

Enjoy it!
SweetDEV RIA™ development team
Follow this steps to display the source of a component feature :
  • Navigate through the TreeView to select a feature to display.
  • Click on the source tab to load the part of the code producing the specific feature.
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